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Choosing Skylights Cape Town

When discussing skylights for homes, the expression skylights, or roof skylights, is often used as a “catch all” term to describe a number of residential skylight styles. Below are listed a few of these styles:

Fixed skylights

These are the original skylights which are designed to allow additional lighting into a room. The styles and dimensions can cover a wide range from very small to exceptionally large, one layer or two, tinted or non-tinted. These are traditional skylights found on homes needing extra lighting or perhaps in places where a skylight improves the view.

Venting skylights

These skylights can be opened to allow airflow from the house to the outside. The main use for venting skylights is in bathrooms to exhaust the humid air and in the kitchen to exhaust the heat. A ventilating skylight can be controlled by a temperature sensor, a hand-held remote control, an electric switch, or by an automatic or hand crank. These make great skylights for the home if you need additional, cost free, ventilation.

Dome skylights

These are typically fixed skylights, which are rectangular or circular in design, but can be fabricated in almost any other shape desired. Domed skylights normally are not vented but can be purchased with many of the extra features available for fixed skylights. Basic dome skylights can be installed without difficulty; however, if you would like a specially designed dome skylight you would normally need a professional for the installation.

Solar tube skylights

These are relatively new to the world of skylights. Normally they are smaller, often between ten to fourteen inches in diameter, which allows them to be installed in places where fixed or venting skylights would be impossible to use. Even though tubular skylights are much smaller in general than other skylights, they still can provide a significant amount of light to hallways, closets, bathrooms, or other areas.

Solar skylights

These are relatively new to the market and are currently found mainly on commercial buildings

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  1. I need an insurance quote for a circular skylight of 1,7m across which blew out in a recent storm.
    Cell 0820700112
    Pelican Parade 18

  2. I am building an office at our house and need advice and quote for skylights.The area is 5m x 3m Cement tile roof with open trusses and IBR lower ceiling roof for about 3m.
    I can mail you the cross section plan and floor plan?

  3. We have a south facing kitchen of 3,4 x 4,6m and as we have already installed a tubular skylight in a bathroom with no external windows and it works well, I would like to know my options of either sticking to one or two tubular skylights or alternatives in terms of your other products you offer to lighten our kitchen.

    082 893 3911

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